17 Secret ADD Vitamins

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Over the past decade I have been on a mission to help illuminate the Truth about ADD ADHD. Our society offers only one solution, drugs. If drugs were the answer there would be no need for a book like this. If ADD drugs like Adderall, Ritalin, and Vyvanse fix the root cause of ADD ADHD then there is no need to be concerned with nutrition.

We do not have a Ritalin deficiency, we have a nutritional deficiency.

This book will prove to you that there is overwhelming evidence that ADD ADHD symptoms can be alleviated naturally. Natural alternatives to medicine is often seen as week and non-effective. In the case of ADD ADHD, nutrition has proven to outperform ADD drugs in numerous studies.

The goal of this book is to share the scientific facts about the “17 Secret ADD Vitamins” and how you can benefit from these findings.

After pouring over scientific journals and clinical trials it has become clear that lack of nutrition is the main cause of ADD ADHD symptoms. The brain is the most nutrient demanding organ in the body.

When we don’t feed ourselves sufficient amounts of these vital building blocks, our bodies will naturally try to compensate. This is why ADD ADHD symptoms manifest.

Our modern diets leave our bodies lacking the main building blocks for healthy brain function. This should be no surprise to anyone. We have gone from a farming society to a “processed” food society. We eat fewer fruits and vegetables. The ones we do eat have been laden with pesticides and artificial substances to “look” good on the produce isle. Much of these fruits and vegetables have travelled hundreds of miles leaving any remaining nutrient value “lost in transit”.

We thrive on fast foods and junk food and then we wonder why we are having trouble focusing. It has become increasingly difficult to eat a healthy diet.

This book is not a prescription for a complicated diet. I discovered early on in my journey that there would have to be a better, easier way to get these crucial vitamins and nutrients into our bodies.

Thankfully, there are some excellent nutritional supplements that offer absorbable, bio-available nutrition . By taking supplements we can be certain that we are at least “covering our bases”

It is my sincere hope that this information empowers you to have better days and reach your full potential.