3 Steps To Conquering ADD

“ADD is a nutritional deficiency NOT an Adderall deficiency”

The world-wide best selling book on Natural ADD ADHD solutions for over 15 years.

The Problem with the ADD Drug Band-Aid

Heart Problems Insomnia Loss of Apetite Loss of Self Esteem
Stunted Growth Gateway to Tobacco and Drugs Lack of Nutrition Never Solves the Underlying problem

Scientific Studies Prove that ADD Symptoms
CAN be Eliminated Naturally

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My name is Jon Bennett and I have made it my mission to help people world-wide eliminate ADD ADHD Symptoms naturally.

I want to help you avoid the nightmare of ADD drugs that my family suffered through.

“3 Steps To Conquering ADD ADHD” has sold thousands of copies world-wide with hundreds of life-changing testimonials.

We now offer “3 Steps To Conquering ADD ADHD” on a donation basis.  Your donation directly helps us spread the word and help more families.

What Others are Saying

“3Steps to Conquering ADD-ADHD is a great book and I recommend it to all Special Educators. As they will be able to pass it to families who are in dire need such information that so many are yearning for. Jon Benneett I salute your courage and love for humanity for undertaking such enormous challange.”

Dr. Margaret Biakolo

“This is a book I return to frequently as we all stray from good habits to help support our children from time to time. Whether it be our own schedules that interfere or just life in general. Keeping records and watching your child change with the help of this product is key. You will see improvements in both your child and in your own as the stress levels go down for everyone.”

Kathy Schumacher

“This was a Godsend for us, as teachers were pressuring us to put my grandson on add drugs. I searched the internet for a solution and found your information. This approach has been a miracle for us, and I have told many other parents about it.”

Mona Boles

Your book totally changed the direction we were going with our son. The information was concise and easy to understand. More importantly, it gave us a game plan that we could use to tackle our ADD issues. Thank You!