Understanding the Shifts in Human Nutrition – The Role of Chemicals (3)

You can be quite sure that previous generations would have used the word ‘natural’ somewhere in the conversation if they were asked to describe the characteristics of food. This is, as we have seen over the past few weeks, far from self evident in modern times. In fact, so many unnatural substances have entered our food supply that it takes a real effort to find food for which natural will be the best possible description. This fact should alarm anyone who believes that there is a causal link between nutrition and ADD/ADHD (as research is increasingly confirming). It is also the reason why we are devoting so much attention to the ways in which our perceptions of food are changing and how this is harming us. This week we will continue to look at the ways in which many foods have become unnatural. We will do so by discussing a class of chemicals that are perhaps not as obviously harmful as pesticides (discussed last week) but that can still have a significant negative impact on human health. I am, of course, referring to additives. Continue reading “Understanding the Shifts in Human Nutrition – The Role of Chemicals (3)”