7 ADHD Truths

What They Did Not Tell You About ADHD


My name is Jon Bennett and I am the author of the world-wide best selling book, “3 Steps To Conquering ADD ADHD”

I have created this Book + CD to introduce you to the scientifically proven methods for eliminating your ADD ADHD Naturally.

WARNING:  The ideas expressed in this CD are controversial and fly in the face of conventional approaches to treating ADD ADHD.

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The purpose of this information is to challenge this conventional wisdom by exposing its roots and also by pointing the way to an alternative and much more effective way of dealing with the condition.

There are quite a few reasons why I feel so passionate about this.

Many of these will become apparent as you go along but it would perhaps be good to spell some of them out right here at the outset:

Corporate greed sits behind the massive rise in ADD/ADHD prescriptions.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the profit-motive. It is, in fact, one of the building blocks of any successful economy.

We should all be concerned, however, when the desire for profit overrides all other considerations; including the well-being of individuals and society.

ADHD medications are some of the best and most consistent sources of profit for many of the large drug companies.

By promoting medication as the only effective way of dealing with the condition they can therefore significantly bolster their bottom line.

It should therefore come as no surprise that the most popular ADD/ADHD medicines have multimillion dollar marketing budgets behind them.

This raises the obvious question of motives.

Are these drugs being marketed so aggressively to serve the greater good or to keep shareholders happy?

In my opinion you would have to be very naive to choose for the first option!

Professionals and caregivers are often not aware of alternative approaches.

The marketing of medication as the only effective and realistic option for treating ADD/ADHD has been so effective and pervasive that even many highly educated professionals are buying into its basic assumptions.

The push to medicate most often comes from teachers who feel that this is the best route to a stable and peaceful classroom environment.

These teachers are often well-meaning but also seriously misinformed.

The sad fact is however, that the physicians to whom they refer children do not, in most cases, contradict their assessment that medication is necessary.

There are many medical professionals who will respond to the slightest hint of ADD/ADHD with a knee-jerk prescription – Simply because they have been conditioned to do so!

ADD/ADHD drugs are dangerous.

All of the above would perhaps not have been so serious if the medication in question was essentially harmless.

This is, however, certainly not the case with the drugs that are regularly prescribed to ADD/ADHD patients.

These drugs exert a powerful influence on the nervous system and have been reliably linked to a host of side effects from loss of motivation to suicidal thoughts.

The dangers of these drugs will be explored further as we continue, suffice it to say that I have serious reservations about a strategy that has as its central plank the drugging of a significant portion of an entire generation.

There ARE safe and effective alternatives.

The rush to immediately medicate all ‘cases’ of ADD/ADHD (many of which are the result of misdiagnosis) is even more frustrating when you stop to consider the fact that it is so unnecessary.

There are many alternative approaches that can deliver excellent and lasting results.

This is, in fact, what the ‘3 Steps to Conquering ADD’ is all about!

Now in its 9th year, “3 Steps” has helped thousands of people all over the world eliminate their ADD symptoms naturally.

I created this Book + CD as an easy way to introduce you to these proven effective treatment methods.

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