ADD/ADHD’s Impact on Self-Esteem

ADD/ADHD is sometimes called a “hidden disability.”  It seems that most people are not readily aware of our ADD/ADHD.  Our disability has its roots in biology as well as behavior, and half the time, we don’t even understand why we act the way we do!  After hearing for years that we are lazy, daydreamers, impulsive – and possibly other things that we can’t print here! – no wonder we have suffered in the self-esteem department.  Just how do we overcome that in order to feel good about ourselves?

1.  Find the positive.  Having ADD/ADHD is only part of who you are.  Don’t define yourself in terms of that.  Find other things about yourself that are positive.  You may not always feel it, but you have plenty of strengths!
2.  Build structure into your life.  If you find that you have trouble getting things finished or getting organized to begin with, set up a routine for yourself.  This will get you in the habit of staying on task and being timely.  It will also provide you with a confidence boost every time you complete a task!