ADHD Teacher’s Guide

Just finished the “ADHD Teacher’s Guide”
I created this for teachers to help understand their ADD ADHD students a little better.
I have included several proven strategies along with tips and tricks that can make the classroom a more positive learning environment.
One thing is sure…
ADD ADHD kids do not follow the same ol’ sit-still and listen to lectures all day.
As teachers, we must adapt and accept the fact that not everyone learns in the same manner.
If we ignore this fact, we are trying to fit squares into round holes, spinning our wheels…
This is NOT an exhaustive guide.
Many teachers may have already implemented some of the tactics inside, but I am sure there is something of value for EVERY teacher inside this 71 page guide.
I am giving this guide away free because I truly want to help in any way I can.
Teachers are on the “front lines” of the ADD ADHD epidemic.
They have the insane responsibility to trying to be effective in a very “broken” education system (more on
this later)
Please share this link with any teacher you know.
To access the “ADHD Teacher’s Guide” simply
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Have an awesome day! 🙂
Jon Bennett
I am often asked by parents and teachers about the best techniques and methods for an ‘ADD/ADHD Friendly’ education. This book is my answer!
The principles that I will be sharing will draw upon years of experience of dealing with parents and children that are coping with ADD/ADHD and will work in many different circumstances. They can be applied to classrooms, homeschooling situations and to the general home environment.
Although this is not an exhaustive guide, it will certainly give you a great start! The principles that I will be sharing have been tried and tested in classrooms all across North America and confirm a single truth: ADD/ADHD can be effectively managed in an educational context.
This can be done through the application of a few basic principles and a great deal of openness towards the needs of individual children. I trust that you will eventually be one of the educators whose classrooms will be transformed through your efforts to provide a genuinely ADD/ADHD friendly education.
Thank you for coming on this journey with me, I look forward to sharing my insights with you!
Jon Bennett