Artificial Sweeteners: The answer to the ‘Blood Sugar Rollercoaster’?

sweetenersOver the past few weeks I profiled some of the risks associated with the ‘blood sugar rollercoaster’. I pointed out that wild fluctuations in blood sugar levels can have profound effects on brain function and that any person dealing with the effects of ADD/ADHD should take proactive steps to avoid the dangerous ‘spike – trough’ cycle and its attendant problems. I also made some specific suggestions on how to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. If you paid attention to these suggestions you would have noticed that there is one that is conspicuous in its absence. This is a strategy that has million dollar marketing budgets behind it and that many people turn to at the slightest hint of blood sugar problems. Yet I chose not to include it and I made this decision based on some very good reasons. The strategy that I am talking about is: Making use of artificial sweeteners.

To many people making use of a sugar substitute to battle a sugar craving is so obvious that it is almost seen as a no-brainer. I am convinced however that a person struggling with the effects of ADD/ADHD should give these products as wide a berth as possible. The reasons behind this recommendation are the following: