Avoid Bad Gas For Your Tank [ADD Brain]

One of the first mistakes people make with ADD-ADHD is to assume that it is a disease or a condition like diabetes.

This leads you down a very scary path.

Before you make this assumption consider this.There at least 50 other conditions that mimic ADD-ADHD symptoms.

You may be displaying ADD-ADHD symptoms because of something you lack in your diet.


More likely you may be displaying ADD-ADHD symptoms because you are not getting enough of a certain vitamin or mineral.

What if you tend to burn off more of the needed vitamin/mineral than the average person?

Think of yourself as a Sport Utility Vehicle…. a Yellow Hummer

Now imagine that most other people are blue ford sedans.

Do you require more gas to go the same distance as the ford sedan?

Of course you do!!!

Does this make you inferior?

Absolutely NOT!

Imagine now that you require high grade gas to run optimally.

What if you put the cheaper 87 grade gas in your tank?

That’s right you will sputter and jerk around, but you will still run.

With “3 Steps To Conquering ADD-ADHD” you can at least rest easy knowing that you are giving your body the right building blocks to function optimally.

If you give your brain and body the right “stuff” your ADD-ADHD symptoms will likely just “go away”

This has worked for thousands of people all over the world.

I am sure it can work for you too.

Jon Bennett

Author, “3 Steps To Conquering ADD-ADHD”

ps- ADD drugs only mask the true problem. they are a destructive band-aid that should be avoided at all costs and used
ONLY after all other techniques have been exhausted.