Focus Tip – White Noise Meditation [ADD ADHD]

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Jon Bennett:  Hello. Jon Bennett here, with “Three Steps To Conquering ADD‑ADHD.” And in today’s video, I’m going to talk to you about a certain music choice. I’ve been doing several videos on using headphones while you’re working on the computer or doing your homework, and I’ve been going through different things you can pump through your headphones to help you focus better.
And in today’s video, we’re talking about, one of my selections is called white noise, and specifically, it’s from a company called White Noise Meditation. And here’s their website. I’ll show you what it looks like. It looks like this. If you go to, you can check it out and actually see all the different audio tracks that they can provide for you.
Now, let me explain why you would want to do this. These White Noise Meditation tracks actually can put your brain into a calmer state and help you focus better. They do this with binaural beats and tuning the white noise to a certain frequency. And you have these different frequencies. You got alpha, beta, delta, and theta. And I want to go through these really quickly.
The alpha is from eight to 12 hertz, and these are great for increasing your creative abilities, lowering your anxiety, and improving your memory and enhancing concentration. I actually use alpha quite a bit. You’ve got beta, which is for alertness and increased cognitive abilities.
You’ve got delta, which is to relieve insomnia, improve sleep, or deep meditation, and it works well for a power nap. And theta, which induces relaxation, lowers stress, helps bring focus into your life.
But what you need to do, really, is do what I did and you can buy one of each. And I’ll show you what’s in my playlist here.
If you look here at the White Noise Meditation, you’ll see that I have 10 hertz, eight hertz, and 15 hertz. And you can get them in different flavors. I’ve got ocean waves as my eight and 10 hertz. It’s waterfall. That’s the one, if you see my play count over here, 1, 145, that’s the one I tend to gravitate towards the most, seems to be best for when I’m trying to focus and get some things done.
Play it for you real quick. I don’t know if you can hear this.
[sound of ocean waves in background]
Jon:  They have demos on their website. I highly encourage you to check it out. And I just wanted to share that as one of the tools I use when I’ve got my headphones on and I’m focused in on working on the computer or I’m reading a book or something like that and I want to block out the outside noise. I’ve been doing several videos on using your headphones as a focus tip.
This actually falls into step number three of the “Three Steps To Conquering ADD‑ADHD, ” which is tips, tricks, and techniques. And basically, you play these tracks. I just set it on loop and I get a lot more done, because it blocks things out and helps focus my mind on what I’m doing.
So I hope you’ve enjoyed this, and check out And I’ll see you in the next video.