Is ADHD A Fake Disorder? Top Scientists State It Is

Dr. Richard Saul, a respected Neurologist, has released a book called “ADHD Does Not Exist: The Truth About Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder,” declaring that the variety of individuals who in fact suffer from the condition is absolutely no one.
This reputable Neurologist has stepped forward and confessed that Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) does not exist, and is really only an umbrella of signs and not, in fact, an illness.
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In this sense, reports:

Dr. Saul is a neurologist who has had a long career in studying and analyzing the condition of patients who have been having a problem with attention deficit disorder and failure to focus. From his very first-hand experience, he affirms that ADHD is absolutely nothing more than a fake condition that is truly only an umbrella of symptoms and not really an illness. He strongly feels that it needs to not be listed as a different condition in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic & Statistical Manual, all detailed in his book, launched in February 2014.
Saul affirms that many parents nowadays are trying to find any way to get their kids to sit down and remain quiet and ADHD, and the medications that support it can be the fast repair they are trying to find. Presently, 1 in 9 children are labeled as ADHD and of that, two-thirds of them are on some sort of drug. Sadly, this option is not an effective one as the drugs threaten and consist of addicting stimulants. While lots of doctors are recommending them without concern, there must be a lot more believed that enters into attending to the root concern well prior to drugs are pressed. Inning accordance with Saul, attempting to treat something like ADHD as a disease is a huge error. It can be seen as entering into a doctor’s office with heart pains and merely being recommended painkillers. Yes, you might walk away pain-free for a couple of hours, however then you die of a heart attack. Without wanting to the core problem, we can not effectively understand exactly what is going on.
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As it stands, ADHD is defined as a psychiatric condition that is neurodevelopmental. In order for medical diagnosis, significant issues with attention and/or hyperactivity and acting impulsively that are not suitable for a certain age. The number of ADHD medical diagnoses has actually increased greatly recently due to the fact that medical professionals are using the condition as an easy means to not just describe a lack of focus or attention but likewise to enable the usage of medication which can mean direct benefit for the physician.
” ADHD makes a terrific reason, the medical diagnosis can be an easy-to-reach-for crutch. Furthermore, there’s an attractive aspect to an ADHD diagnosis, particularly in grownups. It can be interesting to think of oneself as involved in numerous things simultaneously, rather than stuck in an uninteresting rut.” States Richard Saul.