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This is My personal experience with the “absorbable” “liquid vitamins”
[box type=”alert”]Disclaimer: Although I endorse and recommend the vitamins in my best selling book “3 Steps To Conquering ADD-ADHD”, the company that makes these vitamins, Biometics, Inc. has no medial claims or representation that they are intended to treat or cure any disease or disorder.[/box]
Simply put. The vitamins were created for healthy living only, nothing more and nothing less.
Another disclaimer. I am a registered “distributor” with the company. If you decide to buy these vitamins through me, I will make a small profit.
If this bothers you PLEASE simply order through someone else.
What matters is that you see results.
We are always trying new products to find the “best” in order to live healthier lives. (and I am always open to suggestions)
I am making this page due to the insane amount of emails and request for this information.
The information on this page is my personal experience and the experience of thousands of other people world-wide.

The Secret to these “liquid vitamins” is ABSORPTION

As many of you have read in my Book, “3 Steps To Conquering ADD” , a key factor in conquering ADHD is to give your body the building blocks it needs to restore balance to your brain.
This story changed my life…

As described in my book…

Once you give your body the proper nutritional building blocks it needs, and your brain chemistry is restored back to “normal”,

…your ADD symptoms will go away.
Whether its these vitamins or an alternative vitamin. This is a part of what you MUST do to conquer ADD naturally.

My experience with “other” store-bought “pill” vitamins…

Research show that most vitamins are only 20% absorbed.
The vitamin needs to be completely absorbed into the body in order top make any difference in your actual health.
Most vitamins end up in the toilet wasted because they pass right through due to in-absorbability.
This is where I feel the Biometics “liquid vitamins” are superior.
Biometics uses only the highest grade of nutraceutical vitamins and then breaks them down into “mi-cells” (really tiny molecules).
This patented process makes the vitamins completely absorbable to your body.
The Biometics vitamins are 100% water soluble.
This is important because it make them SAFE.
No worry of “over-dosing” because your body uses what it needs and passes on the rest.

SEE how micellization is THE reason why these vitamins are so effective…

Fat (Oil) Soluble Vitamins – The Importance of Micellization

Why Biometics?

Vitamin OVER-DOSE is a REAL concern!

Yes… you can “over-dose” on store bought vitamins….
the fat soluble vitamins like “A” and “E” should be taken very carefully when taking store bought vitamins because you can start to have “vitamin build-up”
…and actually have some pretty nasty effects…
You don’t have to worry about this with Biometics!

Why you should take these Vitamins.

Biometics is a direct marketing company. This means you cannot buy their products in stores.
You must purchase from an independent distributor.
I know this is kind of weird, and quite frankly this is a “turn-off” for me and many others.
Trust me, I had my skepticism just like you are having right now.
There is a really good reason for NOT offering these hi-tech vitamins in stores…
Biometics products are not “simple”.
Its not like popping a pill.
There are 3 different bottles that are mixed together… etc.
It would be difficult to sell this on shelves, people would not know how to properly take them…. and then people would not see the positive results.
Its like have a car, but not knowing how to turn it on.
Can I ask you a question?
Here is what I take…
Biometics has a large product line, but I am only
going to talk to you about the products you need at a minimum.
I recommend the the “Deluxe Nutritional Energy Program” (NE6)
This program includes 3 products that you mix together in a morning
drink and 1 product (Cal-Mag) that you take at night before bed.
[tabs style=”default” title=”Product Overview”] [tab title=”Bio-Fuel”]

Bio Fuel

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[tab title=”Aloe Plus”]

Aloe Plus

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[/tab] [tab title=”Get-Go-N Plus”]
Get Go N Plus
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[/tab] [tab title=”Cal-Mag”]
Cal Mag
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[/tab] [/tabs]
The Biometics products are balanced nutrition so the body is getting the needed nutrition.
Again, these products were NOT designed for ADD/ADHD but we have found that the combination of the vitamins, especially the “mi-cellized” B vitamins make a huge difference in focus and concentration as well as brain function.
Cal-Mag helps you get to sleep faster and into the deep realm of sleep which is needed for daily routines.
Calcium and Magnesium has been proven effective for ADD ADHD in numerous scientific studies.
The overall result is that your body and brain get the
building blocks it needs to function normally.
*Fix the source of the ADD problem and have
a happier, more focused life.
*Rest easy knowing you are getting all of the vitamins
and nutrients you need to stay healthy…
regardless of your dietary habits
*Use these vitamins to gain focus, clarity, and energy every day

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