Protein for ADD

Hi,   Jon Bennett here with “3 Steps To
Conquering ADD-ADHD.
I am writing to you today to discuss one
“easy” thing you can do to improve your
Focus/Happy level every day!
1. Did you know that there are over 51 common
conditions that mimick ADD-ADHD symptoms?
…things like allergies and low blood sugar.
One of the biggest cuplrits causing ADD symptoms
is “Low Blood Sugar”
Low blood sugar normally occurs because of a spike
in blood sugar followed by a “crash”
This happens most often when we consume soft drinks
or anything high in refined sugars like sugary cereal.
On page 92 of my book “3 Steps To Conquering ADD”
we discuss the importance of protein for breakfast.
It is actually important for evey meal… but you make
a huge impact on you focus by adding more protein
to you breakfast right away.
Think of protein as the opposite of refined sugars.
Protein will help you feel full longer and maintain
steady blood sugar levels.
This will help you or your child avoid the mid-
morning “crash”.
Protein is labeled as a  “low glycemic” index food.
BTW (by the way) if you begin to follow any of the
“low glycemic” diets out there you will see huge
improvements in your calm and focus.
There are only a couple more “things” discussed
in my book that IF you do…
you WILL eliminate / cure your
ADD symptoms.
I encourage you to pick up your copy now and
begin a more focused, happy, fulfilled life!
Have a blessed day 😉
Jon Bennett
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