The Positive Aspects of ADD/ADHD (2)

Does ADHD always equal disaster? Not necessarily! This is the verdict of Prof Michael Fitzgerald from Trinity College in Dublin. In last week’s article we focused on his historical research that investigated the lives of some great movers and shakers of the past. According to his research it is possible to retroactively diagnose ADHD in the following notable achievers: Thomas Edison, Kurt Cobain, Oscar Wilde, Lord Byron Jules Verne, Che Guevara, James Dean, Clark Gable, Picasso, Mark Twain and Sir Walter Raleigh.

Prof Fitzgerald contends that some of the exact same factors that can make ADHD so difficult to manage have been turned into positives by these people. His arguments set me thinking about one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to discussing ADHD, namely the fact that the condition can also have some very positive outcomes. This week’s article is a continuation of the discussion that I began in response to this. I already focused on the fact that people with ADHD are often noted for their creativity, drive and compassion. These traits are by no means the only positive results that can stem from the correct management of ADHD. Here are some more ‘ADHD Positives’