Top 10 High Glycemic Foods: One Reason Why You Are ADD-ADHD

They say, ‘you are what you eat’. Truer words haven’t been said when it comes to the high glycemic foods that make up a large portion of our meals. It is important that we understand the foods we eat and the manner in which they affect the body and the way we feel and act.

Can the food you eat control the way you behave and think? Yes, it can; because it provides the body with energy and initiates changes in its functioning.

The kind of food you choose to eat makes your body react in different ways. In nutrition the key word is ‘moderation’, and high glycemic foods are no different.

The glycemic value of carbohydrates rates them according to the rate at which they convert to glucose in the body and lead to a surge in blood sugar. High glycemic foods are those with a GI of 70 and above, can affect your body in many ways.

They of course provide you a sudden source of energy and while they may be useful for athletes and weight trainers, for most of us they need to eaten with a bit understanding and planning. The rate at which the blood sugar in the body rises is dependent on several factors and not just the consumption of high glycemic foods.

The body is also affected by the manner in which these foods are prepared and the ratio in which they are consumed with proteins and fats.

Here is the list of top 10 high glycemic foods to be avoided :

  1. White bread
  2. French fries (Ketchup)
  3. Highly refined grains
  4. Potato chips
  5. Soft drinks
  6. Chocolate bars
  7. Full fat ice cream
  8. Whole milk
  9. Breakfast cereals
  10. Baked potatoes

While a large percentage of high glycemic foods are also considered as junk food, a lot of foods that have a high glycemic index may surprise you.

For instance watermelon, a fruit which many dieters think will help reduce their weight, is a high glycemic food.

It is important that you understand what high glycemic foods can do to your body and then figure out a way to include high glycemic foods in your diet in small doses. The manner in which high glycemic foods are prepared also affects the blood sugar in the body.

The Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

The blood sugar in your body is a crucial factor in the manner in which it functions and reacts. A sudden rise and fall in blood sugar can make you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster and out of control. This yo-yo affect leaves the body in a strained condition as you move from an over active state to a more dull state in a very short period of time.

High glycemic foods cause a sudden increase in the level of blood sugar in your body, but this doesn’t last for long, and there is a sudden drop.

This affects the manner in which insulin is regulated in the body. When there is a sudden drop of blood sugar in your body you find it hard to focus and concentrate, you may get fidgety and hyper active as the body tries to balance off the sudden dip in blood sugar.

Now imagine beginning your day with a breakfast rich in high glycemic foods.

You would start your day feeling energetic and on top of the world but after an hour or two when the blood sugar suddenly falls you would feel lethargic, unable to focus and restless. You may find yourself becoming moody or losing your temper for no valid reason; well, you can blame that on the large dose of high glycemic foods you ate.

Interestingly these are also some of the symptoms associated with ADD-ADHD. It is possible to control ADD symptoms by avoiding eating too much of high glycemic foods. Eating a more balanced diet rich in low glycemic foods and proteins is a great way to stay healthy and maintain a steady emotional state.

It is a great idea to keep the glycemic index in mind when planning your meals. Try avoiding eating too much of ‘white’ foods that are highly refined and processed.  Also replace high glycemic snacks such as potato chips and soft drinks with fresh fruits and nuts.

High glycemic foods should be eaten in moderation not only by diabetics and people who want to lose weight, but everyone who wants to feel and live healthy. By making simple changes to your daily meals you can change the way you feel and behave. Once you are off the emotional roller coaster that high glycemic foods put you on, you will feel better and in more control of your emotions and reactions.