Understanding the Shifts in Human Nutrition – The Role of Chemicals (Part 4)

Last week we began to look at the ways in which the additives in our foods can have all kinds of negative consequences including hyperactivity, lack of attention and moodiness: All ‘symptoms’ that those dealing with the effects of ADD/ADHD should be keen to avoid. This week we will discuss the identification of different additives in our food supply.
It goes without saying that ‘identification’ will never be sufficient, you will also have to move beyond that to actually finding alternatives to the food sources that contain the harmful additives.
If we take a long hard look at our food supply it quickly becomes clear that there are certain types of food that are far more likely to contain harmful additives. The list presented below is certainly not the last word on the subject but it should give you a good starting point from which to begin your investigations.
Very brightly colored food: Harmful coloring is added to a variety of foods (not just fast food and candy!) to make it look more appealing.
Fruit juice: This may come as a bit of a shock since many people regard fruit juices as the healthy option when it comes to selecting beverages. The fact is that many juices contain some powerful preservatives to extend their shelf life.
Bread: Another nasty surprise! Many types of bread (especially highly processed white bread varieties) contain a host of preservatives as well as additives designed to ‘bulk out’ the flour.