What Supplement does Jon Use?

I get this question all the time. Many people want to know the specific products that are working for three steps users all over the world.

One of the comments I get a lot… “I don’t care how it works, I just want something that will work for my family.”

Well, here’s the bottom line…

What Does Jon Do?

Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD is a condition that often goes undiagnosed and untreated. It is also a condition that affects your academic and professional life and place obstacles in your path to success.

The good news is that ADD can be controlled with diet change and with proper medication and vitamins.

I too have ADD and am able to control its affect by the changes I have made to my diet and by using certain ADD vitamins. I have greatly benefited and would like other people affected by ADD to take advantage of my research and knowledge.

Few people know that ADD drugs can cause cardiovascular conditions and essentially suppress the symptoms of ADD rather than provide a solution. I have found a great way to handle by understanding how food and nutrition affects ADD and can help control its symptoms.

I Eat Protein for Breakfast

The building blocks of protein are amino acids that are essential for proper brain functioning. Amino acids facilitate the production of neurotransmitters that ensure proper communication between brain cells leading to smooth change from thought to action.

ADD is basically caused by a lack of neurotransmitters, this leaves you feeling uneasy, restless, and unable to pay attention and feel well.

I prefer to begin my day with proteins and my breakfast consists of protein rich foods. A high protein and lower carbohydrate breakfast is recommended.

I get my dose of protein early in the day, and this helps my body get ready for it. Some of the foods you could include in your breakfast are eggs, dairy products and soy. Yogurt in particular is recommended by dieticians. Protein shakes are also useful in adding this vital nutrient in your breakfast.

It is also found that ADD children and adults are prone to food allergies and hence it is important that such foods are identified and avoided.

The ADD Vitamin I Take

I take Neu BeCALM’d and find it to be extremely effective. Neu BeCALM’d is safe to take and consists of natural ingredients. It can also be used by children with ADD. Neu BeCALM’d essentially consists of phenylalanine, which is an essential amino acid. It is vital that you receive it in your diet or as an added vitamin.

Phenylalanine is crucial for people like me and you, who have ADD, as it reduces adrenalin levels in the body and calms it down.

In Neu BeCALM’d two forms of phenylalanine are combined to slow down the absorption and provide the best affect. I take my ADD vitamin before breakfast and again at mid afternoon.

Absorbable Vitamins

Research indicates that children with ADD lack in essential vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, people with ADD need to ensure that they provide their bodies with adequate vitamin and minerals in the recommended dosage.

Unfortunately most vitamins we take in are not absorbed well and are thrown out of the body.

I take Biometics absorbable vitamins to ensure that my body receives the much needed nutrition.

Biometics vitamins are water soluble and so once your body has absorbed the amount it requires the rest is thrown out naturally; thus, ensuring that a vitamin overdose is avoided in the body.

I take my vitamin drink first thing in the morning and before I go to bed at night. Balanced nutrient intake help my body stay healthy and keep me focused.

Controlling My Blood Sugar

When sugar is ingested, insulin is released by the pancreas. Insulin stops the blood sugar from rising beyond a certain range.

In adults and children with ADD and ADHD, these hormones were secreted in lesser amounts. Thus a drop in blood sugar reduces brain activity in people and children with ADD.

Research indicates that ADD children place themselves in situations that make them hyperactive in order to make heir adrenal glands secrete more hormones. Dr. David Williams recommends that people with ADD avoid foods rich in sugar and carbohydrate.

Interestingly the ADD symptoms are quite similar to that of hypoglycemia, a condition where blood sugar is low due to rise and fall in insulin level in the body; this usually occurs due to excess intake of refined sugar.

It is thus important to reduce the amount of sugar and processed food that I eat. I also prefer to eat more fruits and vegetables that are high in nutrients and fiber.

Researchers such as Hertha Hafer have found that some foods can make the symptoms of ADD worse. These include foods rich in phosphate.

Phosphate is frequently used in food preparation and is used in preservative, emulsifiers, stabilizers and thickeners. Processed food and junk food thus can increase the symptoms of ADD.

It is also found in soda and colas as phosphoric acid. And hence I prefer to avoid these.

Transcript: [spoiler]

Jon Bennett Jon Bennett here with “Three Steps to Conquering ADD-ADHD”. In this video I’m going to explain or, rather, answer the question, what supplement does Jon use?

The reason I’m making this video is I get a ton of emails asking me this all the time, and so more and more I’ve been showing people exactly what I’ve been doing. Real quickly, I’m going to go through these.

Number one. It’s not a supplement at all. What I do is make sure that I do eat plenty of protein for breakfast. You can read around on this site about high glycemic versus low glycemic foods and why you need to implement a low glycemic diet, that’s first and foremost, into your lifestyle.

Number two. I take Neu-Becalm’d. Been taking it for about 10 years. Both of these supplements have stood the test of time. I’ve tried many, many things as they’ve come out and talked to other people. After doing this a while, you run into pretty much everything, and you get feedback from people. They’ll tell you what’s working and what doesn’t work.

I can tell you personally the only two things that have stood the test of time for me is the Neu-Becalm’d, and you can find that at the link here on the site, and also the absorbable liquid vitamins, and you can read about those here as well. My entire family takes the vitamins. My daughter started taking the liquid vitamins when she was about nine months and my son, who is seven months old, is starting to take them now. Wife used them as a prenatal vitamin. You know, they’re just an excellent product. I will warn you, they’re not cheap, but they’re worth every penny. So, do check that out.

Basically, those are the two that I take. I take my liquid vitamins in the morning, and then I’ll take a Neu-Becalm’d in the morning and maybe one in the afternoon, just depends. The Neu-Becalm’d is more as needed, and I’ll take that if I have to focus in on what I’m doing. But, it’s pretty cool.

Check it out, and I’ll see you around.