Why ADD People Fail in Life

Why ADD People Fail in Life

Chances are…   if you have been “diagnosed” with ADD-ADHD
you are doomed to failure.

That’s right, you have a serious handicap that is very difficult
or impossible to overcome.

Have fallen for this Lie?

I know that most people who have struggled with ADD-ADHD
fall for this lie…. at least for a little while until they cast off
the “stigma” of ADD-ADHD in their own minds.

Let me explain.

Self image is the single most important factor in determining
your success in life.

Poor  self image = failure in life

Positive self image = success in life

Don’t allow Doctors or teachers to form a negative self-image!

Fact: ADD-ADHD people are often the MOST gifted people on
the planet.

We often have “superman-like” abilities that the average person
will never understand.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps did not allow his ADD-ADHD to bring him down.

He did not wallow in his own self pitty.

He did not believe the lie…. that he is somehow handicapped by
this so-called “disorder”

Guard Your Self-Image!

Parents!  Please hear me on this!

Do not let your child think that they have a disorder!

The act of going to the Doctor and getting a diagnosis
can set your child’s self image into the gutter.

1st of all.  Your Doctor only have one option for your

you guessed it.


Taking drugs on a daily basis for ADD….

Is that good or bad for the self-image (or your health)???

Think about it.

When you get a declaration from someone in a position
of authority saying…

“Yep-  you got it!  You got it bad!”  (normally after a 5 minute

That will stick with you or your child for a very long time
unless you are very careful to guard the self-image like
it is a fragile egg.

What can You do?

1.  Don’t go to the Doctor for this until you have exhausted all the
“natural” remedies out there.

2.  Make a conscious effort to not refer to your so-called ADD as
a handicap

3.  Recognize that you have tendencies to not-be-able to focus in
certain situations (usually boring people talking about boring stuff)

4.  Implement proven techniques and tactics that can turn your
“ADD” into your very own special superpowers.

5.  Read my favorite book on this subject it Psycho Cybernetics by
Maxwell Maltz

I highly recommend that you pick up a copy TODAY!

Jon Bennett