Why Nutrition Matters

NutritionIf you have been reading “3 Steps ADD” and/or the articles on this site you would have noticed that I place a great deal of emphasis on nutrition as a vitally important part of any strategy for dealing with the effects of ADD/ADHD. You may also be aware that many people are quite critical of an ADD/ADHD strategy that majors on healthy eating supplemented by essential vitamins and oils. This may come as a surprise until you ask a few questions about the background and credentials of the critics.

It turns out that many of the people who have the most to say about the deficiencies of a nutrition based strategy have a vested interest in continuing the status quo (i.e. drugging people on a massive scale). I suppose that, on one level, you cannot blame them. If you have successfully created a cash cow it is perhaps only natural that you will react with alarm when someone threatens its ability to inflate your profit statement.  We should note, however, that individuals and companies who perpetuate the wholesale profit driven medication of a significant part of an entire generation cannot be relied upon to provide the most accurate and objective information about how best to deal with ADD/ADHD.