Another Reason to Quit: ADHD and Smoking

It is very interesting to observe how profoundly a culture can change in the matter of a few short decades. One of the areas where this has certainly happened over the past 20 years is the public perception of smoking: As late as the 1980s smoking was still seen as a trendy, if somewhat risky, activity that clearly asserted the smokers independence and love of life. How things have changed! Massive lawsuits and some very effective public information campaigns combined to completely change this view. Even more troubling is the hard evidence that is coming in about the effects of smoking in exacerbating a range of health risks.

Hardly a week goes by without smoking being named as a risk factor for yet another condition. Smoking has been blamed for problems as diverse as heart failure, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure and of course a host of lung diseases. Now it seems that ADD/ADHD can be added to this list!