The Positive Aspects of ADD/ADHD (1)

Does ADHD necessarily equal disaster? If you consult the mass media you could be forgiven if you think that this is indeed the case. Most references to the condition focus on ways in which it can make life difficult for those who have it. While there is no denying that ADD/ADHD can have some very negative outcomes, especially if it is not managed correctly, this is not all that there is to say about the condition.

The fact that ADD/ADHD can have some positive benefits has once again been highlighted by Prof. Michael Fitzgerald from Trinity College in Dublin. He addressed a recent meeting of the Royal College of Psychiatrists on the subject of ADHD Creativity, Novelty Seeking and Risk. Prof Fitzgerald analyzed the lives of some achievers and believes that it is possible to ‘diagnose’ ADD/ADHD in some of them on the basis of the historical record.