Beating Sugar Cravings (Part 1)

sugar-sweetsOver the past few weeks I have often referred to the ‘blood sugar rollercoaster’ as we discussed the importance of maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. One of the features of this rollercoaster is the intense cravings for a ‘sugar fix’ that often accompanies it. Giving in to these cravings can be the start of a vicious circle where the next ‘fix’ leads to more intense ‘highs’ and subsequently to lower ‘troughs’! If you are dealing with ADD/ADHD you simply cannot afford the emotional and physical fallout of this kind of see-saw game. Avoiding sugar cravings, and properly managing them when they do occur, should therefore be one of your highest nutritional priorities.

Some of the best ways to deal with sugar cravings are the following:

Make sure that you are ‘powered up’ throughout the day: It is vitally important that you do not get to the stage where you are so famished that you will eat whatever crosses your path! The golden rule that you should always remember in this regard is: Less food, more often! Make sure that you eat three meals and supplement it with small nutritious and non-sugary snacks. Doing will help maintain a steady flow of energy and prevent your body from going to ‘panic stations’ in order to get more glucose into the bloodstream.