Beating Sugar Cravings (Part 2)

craving-donutsMost of us know only too well how a sugar craving feels. It usually presents itself as an overwhelming urge to eat some sugary food…and fast! This is normally followed by an all too brief period of elation which inevitably leads into feelings of regret and even despair. Conquering this vicious cycle is not easy but it is possible!  Last week we began our look at some of the best strategies for dealing with sugar cravings. I also underlined the importance of doing so for people who have to deal with the effects of ADD/ADHD. This week’s article will continue this discussion by profiling some more excellent strategies for ‘beating the binge’!

Plan and record your ‘eating day’: Keeping a food journal in which you record what you intend to eat and what you actually ate can be an excellent way of gaining control of you dietary habits. Doing this for a few weeks will help you to determine the width of the gap between perception (how you think you are doing) and reality. It can also assist you in identifying times when you are especially susceptible to the lure of the sugar high. This strategy will work best if you keep an actual journal (perhaps in a small notebook that you always keep with you) rather than just composing mental lists.