Quick Tip: How To Make Sure Your Child Fails in School

In this quick tip I will explain 3 most common mistakes parents make with their children on a daily basis…. that lead to failure in school.

When I say failure in school, I mean….

bad grades

poor behavior

can’t sit still

too many parent/teacher conferences

… you know what I mean, right?

OK! Here are top 3 mistakes.

Breakfast – High glycemic breakfast.

Many parents allow their kids to eat cereal that is high in sugar and low in nutritional value. NO protein in their breakfast. (protein is a must for preventing ADD symptoms).

WORST- No breakfast at all

TV – watching

TV before school is a really BAD idea. Its like driving on the highway at 70 mph and then being stuck in stop and roll traffic…

You get agitated and cannot sit still. (sound familiar?)

NO vitamin supplementation –

Even if you get a decent breakfast high in protein…

You will still need vitamin supplementation.

  1. A High quality Multi-Vitamin AND 2. A High Quality ADD-ADHD Specific Vitamin (read more about this under “Step #2”)