Riboflavin: Brain Food for a Starving ADD ADHD Brain

This article is excerpted from the highly acclaimed Book by Jon Bennett.
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The past month has been very difficult on Kathy. James, her husband, died due to the complications arising out of use of drugs that were prescribed to him for treating ADD-ADHD [Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity]. James had been a long-time sufferer of ADD-ADHD and was on constant medication.
And now, just a fortnight after the death of her husband; doctors have diagnosed James Jr., her son with ADD-ADHD. Kathy does not want her son to meet with the same fate as that of her husband and hence refuses to put her son on medication.
Now, though one can understand Kathy’s stand on ADD-ADHD medication, still, there will be many of you who might ask, ” Is there an alternative and safer method to treat  ADD-ADHD?” Well, the answer is ‘Yes’. It is possible to treat in a natural way….
We all are aware that ADD-ADHD is a neurological ailment, wherein the sufferer undergoes a tremendous change in his personality. He becomes restless and finds it difficult to maintain focus on a particular task. His concentration wavers and he often shows signs of restlessness. They also complaint of fatigue and appear apathetic. In some cases, their behavior can turn violent and the person may indulge in self-destructive activities.
Most of the time, patients suffering from ADD-ADHD are administered with drugs. A lot of side effects are associated with these drugs and in some cases, they might also prove fatal, just as they proved in the case of James. However, research has proved that ADD-ADHD is a direct consequence of the deficiency of vitamins in the patient’s body and hence a diet rich in vitamins can alleviate the symptoms and help the patients to regain  control over their behavior.
Though, there are many vitamins that are vital for the proper functioning of the brain, Riboflavin, or Vitamin B-2 as it is popularly known as, is perhaps one of the most important vitamins. Many medical practitioners see it as a potent weapon in combating ADD-ADHD.
Riboflavin dons an important role when it comes to the production of energy for the brain. The brain derives its energy by the metabolism of blood glucose. However, to carry out this process, the brain engages enzymes like Flavin mononucleotide (FMN) and flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD), which ultimately carry out the metabolism process. The presence of Riboflavin acts a progenitor for Flavin mononucleotide and flavin adenine dinucleotide. According to Dr. Elson M. Haas, “Riboflavin functions as the precursor or building block for two coenzymes that are important in energy production.”
The presence of Riboflavin is also necessary for the optimum functioning of carnitine. Now, carnitine is needed for effective metabolism. According to Arturo M. Volpe, “The beneficial effect of carnitine supplementation depends on the presence of B complex vitamins, particularly vitamin B2 (riboflavin). Without enough of these vitamins carnitine is ineffective, so it makes sense that these nutrients should always be supplemented together to improve outcomes.”   He also states that, ” Carnitine supplementation has been shown to help in a variety of conditions, including ADHD, but also cardiovascular health, fatigue, and hypoglycemia.”
Deficiency of Riboflavin can act as an impediment in the proper functioning of the brain. Similarly, insufficient quantities of Riboflavin can cause symptoms such as headaches, fatigue and irritability to flare up.  Similarly, the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine is dependent upon Riboflavin.   Research has revealed that while insufficient quantities of dopamine can result in ADD-ADHD kind of symptoms, the deficiency of norepinephrine can lead to the occurrence of depression in human beings.
The importance of Riboflavin has also been highlighted in the studies conducted in the Netherlands. 24 boys were administered with doses of carnitine. And though, 13 of the 24 boys showed improvement, researchers believed that the combination of Riboflavin would have produced a better result.
Even the British Journal of Psychiatry has stated that the deficiency of Riboflavin has a major role to play behind the occurrence of emotional disorders.
A diet rich in Riboflavin will ensure that your brain is not deprived of the energy it needs and is able to function normally. Similarly, it will also ensure an optimum production of the various neurotransmitters, the deficiency of which can lead to a disruptive behavior.
So, if your opinions on treating ADD-ADHD with medicines echo with that of Kathy, then you should give Riboflavin a try.